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Pace Area Tennis Association (PATA) Pensacola, FL
Pace Area Tennis Association

Pace Area Tennis Association (PATA) Pensacola, FL PATA is a non-profit organization made up of tennis enthusiasts who want to bring Tennis to Pace, Florida and the surrounding communities of Santa Rosa County.

Pace is known for its terrific baseball and football programs for kids, but Tennis is another popular sport that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and skill levels. It is a fun and competitive sport that can be learned with just a little effort and a few more tennis courts, and that is why we formed PATA in 2009.

Pace Area Tennis Association (PATA) Pensacola, FL The PATA has been working in conjunction with Santa Rosa County Commissioners to build a tennis facility in Pace that will promote tennis and offer programs for anyone who wants to participate and learn the great game of Tennis. The PATA currently has a management agreement with Santa Rosa County to oversee the development of Tennis programs at the Santa Rosa Sports Plex through tournaments, junior tennis camps, clinics, league play, and the USTA Quick Start Tennis Program.

The future of Tennis is bright in Pace, Florida, but we need more Tennis enthusiasts to support PATA and help us introduce this wonderful sport to our community.

If you live in or around Pace and enjoy tennis, please join us as either an individual or a family!


Tim Wheat, President/Acting Treasurer
Susan Sasser, Secretary
Chaquita Chavers, At Large

... current as of Oct '14


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